Daniel Ojeda Loisel
Why did I start my own blog
Published by the 26 September 2015

My name is Suui (Daniel Ojeda). As of now, I’m a Computer Engineering student, learning Game Development with Unreal Engine 4 and trying to follow the road of Software Craftsmanship.

So, why did I start my own blog?

Some time before writing this, I thought I had no time to mantain a blog. I believed that having a portfolio would do the trick if someday, someone would get interested in the things I do. Turns out, I didn’t have a clue about what a blog is really about, or at least, my thoughts on what a blog is have now changed.

One day Carlos Blé advised my friends Ronny and Miguel to make their own blogs, and shortly after they told me why he had advised them so. The fact is that we don’t have a blog just to post random stuff. The blog is actually a record of what we learn on our way to Software Craftsmanship or any other objective, that may also apply to Game Development.
Your blog is there for you to record what you have learned. Writing down the things you learn will always help you have a better understanding of them. But that’s not all. When time gets passing by, forgetting parts of what you’ve learned is a natural thing, unless you have a really good memory, but that’s not my case.
Recording what you learn is the perfect way for you to get back to it anytime and check out the details of that thingy you had written about a year ago. And we are not finished yet, this has secondary effects which are really nice.

The cool secondary effects.

Your posts are public for everybody to read, even though their main target may be yourself. So we are also sharing what we know. The information you post about may be helpful to any random reader that comes by. You may also get feedback from more experienced people and become a better developer while making new contacts.
For me, those are enough reasons to start my blog.
Those, and the fact that I would be greatly pleased (and probably surprised) if some years ahead while googling for help I get an answer in my own blog. ^^

You may find some influence of the Apprenticeship Patterns book right there (Record what you learn, Share what you learn)